Geslacht Man Getrouwd? Niet getrouwd
Wiet kweker? Nee Aantal plantages Geen
Coke runner? Nee Coke baas? Nee
Business Geen Business locatie -
Netwerk Geen netwerk! Netwerk functie -

Lilith is crazy but she's mine
and i'm not sharing

Lid van #TeamNietKutKevin

They see us floating
And think we are broken
But you know and I know
Together we’re golden
Go where the light is
Darkness behind us
Now the time is on our side


Even if it’s hard to hold on
Remember we are grown to be strong
You and me

I wanna tell you,
I might as well do
About a boy who could do anything,
He comes from Chingford
His name is Harry,
Harry Kane, Harry Kane, Harry Kane